Color Theory Poster for Graphic Designers, Art Studio Decor with RGB and CMYK Color Systems


This advanced Color Theory poster focuses on various fundamentals of the topic. On the top left you will find a large color wheel that shows primary, secondary, and tertiary colors on outer circle. 3 tints and 3 shades of each color is featured to the center of the circle. In the center of the wheel there is a color triangle that shows primary and secondary colors.

Top right section covers basic color terms such as what tint, tone, or shade means, or what are hue, saturation, and value / brightness. Each title has its own example to make it visually meaningful. In the middle section you can see 9 color harmonies with their own mini color wheels. Bottom two sections cover CMYK Color System and RGB Color System with both textual and visual explanations.

  • Printed on high quality 240 gsm satin photo paper
  • Sold without a frame
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  • MADE TO LAST: We use high quality 240 gsm photo paper with satin finish. They are produced to last long time provided you keep them away from direct sunlight.
  • EASY TO FRAME: Sizes up to 16×20 inches (including 16×20 inches) include 0.3-inch white border, while sizes larger than 16×20 inches include a 0.6-inch white border for framing. Prints are sold without frames.

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A4: 8.3×11.7 in, A3: 11.7×16.5 in, A2: 16.5×23.4 in, 8×10 in, 10×12 in, 11×14 in, 11×17 in, 12×18 in, 16×20 in, 18×24 in, 20×24 in, 22×34 in, 24×36 in, 30x40CM: 11.8×15.7 in, 40x50CM: 15.7×19.7 in, 50x70CM: 19.7×27.5 in, 70x100CM: 27.5×39.4 in


Black, Gray


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