Lenses and Ray Diagrams Poster for High School Physics Teacher


This physics poster is designed to help students and teachers to have a better understanding about the lenses and ray diagrams. This cheat sheet covers some of the basics ray model of the light and how it is affected by certain types of lenses.

In first section you will find 2 main lens types and 4 subtypes of those two. Below that some basic concepts are shown on diagrams. Section on the right shows ray diagrams for converging lens and how image is created with certain types of lenses.

Color coded graphs, concise and simple explanations will help you, your kid, or students to understand and memorize how rays behaves and how lenses work. This physics print will be a great addition to your children’s room or classroom. If you are a high school teacher you will definitely love this.

  • Printed on high quality 240 gsm satin photo paper
  • Sold without a frame
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  • MADE TO LAST: We use high quality 240 gsm photo paper with satin finish. They are produced to last long time provided you keep them away from direct sunlight.
  • EASY TO FRAME: Sizes up to 16×20 inches (including 16×20 inches) include 0.3-inch white border, while sizes larger than 16×20 inches include a 0.6-inch white border for framing. Prints are sold without frames.

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