Science & Space: Supersymmetry


This theoretical physics print features an original artwork representing supersymmetry. Top section includes name of the topic, and very basic textual information about it with a simple icon. Main section has the original artwork for supersymmetry with vibrant colors in contrast with black background.

This science poster will be a great addition to your laboratory, office, or classroom. Below you can find the first paragraph of the description:

Supersymmetry is a theoretical framework in particle physics. Even though The Standard Model does a great job of explaining universe and its existence, it does not explain everything. Supersymmetry is an extension of the Standard Model that aims to fill some of the gaps. It proposes the existence of a new type of symmetry between particles. Every fundamental particle in the universe has a hypothetical “superpartner” particle that is related to it by a symmetry transformation.

  • Printed on high quality 240 gsm satin photo paper
  • Sold without a frame
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  • MADE TO LAST: We use high quality 240 gsm photo paper with satin finish. They are produced to last long time provided you keep them away from direct sunlight.
  • EASY TO FRAME: Sizes up to 16×20 inches (including 16×20 inches) include 0.3-inch white border, while sizes larger than 16×20 inches include a 0.6-inch white border for framing. Prints are sold without frames.

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